Please read our terms and conditions carefully, and please refer back to us should you require any clarifications.


All reservations should be made in advance and confirmed in writing. the price of your trip is guaranteed when you have paid a deposit.


After we send you the confirmation of services for your tour, we will require a 25% deposit in order to secure your booking. We accept credit card payments via our secure web site, via Paypal or by wire transfer to our bank account.


Cancellations or changes within 59 days of travel:
If you’re getting closer to your trip, cancellation charges will apply as follows:
59-42 days before trip start date – 30%, or loss of deposit if higher
41-28 days before trip start date – 60%
27-14 days before trip start date – 90%
Less than 14 days before trip start date – 100%
If Travvox cancels your trip: 
You will be entitled to a full refund if Travvox is not able to operate your trip.


If it’s 10 days or more until your trip, you can transfer to another trip. Or, if you’re not sure where or when you want to travel, you can request a credit voucher.
The value of the tour we will transfer to another, or the value of the credit voucher we will issue to you, will be after deducting all non-refundable deposits and non-recoverable costs applicable at the time you change your booking.
Please see below for information about non-refundable and non-recoverable costs.
The only exception is any non-refundable deposits paid for the trip. The value of non-refundable deposits will have been advised at the time of confirming the booking and may include the cost of permits and flights.
The credit voucher must be redeemed against a new booking within 12 months of the issue – you don’t need to travel in that 12 months, just have applied the credit to another trip.
Alternatively, you can cancel altogether, and we’ll send you a cancellation invoice in accordance with the cancellation charges detailed below.
Non-refundable deposits and non-recoverable costs:
When choosing to take a credit note or to transfer to another departure it is important to be aware that there are two kinds of costs that we may have incurred on your behalf. Those that form part of your deposit, which we refer to as ‘non-refundable deposits’ and costs that we incur closer to your departure date, are known as ‘non-recoverable costs’. When you first make your booking, we may need to commit to certain services straight away to secure your trip. These might include paying for, permits for activities or even costs to confirm specific accommodation at peak times. All of these costs will be outlined to you when you book and will form part of your non-refundable deposit.
Closer to your departure, once you’ve paid your final balance, we’ll cover a number of other costs that we’re contracted to pay suppliers in anticipation of your arrival, the non-recoverable costs. Again, these can include pickup from and to the airport and fares, accommodation, and permits. Should you no longer wish or be able to travel, there’ll be a sliding scale of how much we have already committed to and paid for. So the amount charged will depend on how close to departure you change your trip. As a general rule, the nearer to departure the more we will have committed to, and so the less you will receive as a credit voucher.


you are responsible for arranging and must-have, a valid, acceptable passport and any visas and vaccination certificates required for your entire journey and trip. Any information we give about these matters or related items (climate, clothing, baggage, personal gear, etc.) is given in good faith but without responsibility on our part. We regret we cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your part to carry all required documentation. If your failure to have any necessary travel or other documents results in fines, surcharges, or other financial penalties being imposed on us, you will be responsible for reimbursing us accordingly.


All participants are expected to be covered by travel insurance, hence Jordan Travvox Tours assumes no responsibility for accidents of any nature, injuries, delays, irregularities, discomforts, loss or damage to property or any damage however arising.


Although we are flexible and will always try to accommodate any modifications as requested by the client where possible, any fees for modifications will be charged onto the client.


If the Client has any special requests, he/ she should inform us at the time of booking. Jordan Travvox Tours and its suppliers will try to satisfy such requests, but, as these do not form part of the contract, Jordan Travvox Tours does not guarantee to do so. If Jordan Travvox Tours confirms that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier or refers to it on the confirmation invoice or elsewhere, this is not a guarantee to fulfill it. The Client will not be specifically notified if a special request cannot be met. Jordan Travvox Tours does not accept bookings, which are conditional on the fulfillment of any special requests.


A refund will normally be made to the same account and using the same method used for the original payment.


Depending on the circumstances, Jordan Travvox Tours may collect personal information when you register for a service or book a trip with us, including some or all of the following; email, name, address, IP address and telephone number.